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In the steel structure manufacturing capacity of 60000 tons of steel production center Chinese Ye

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On June 5, in Wuhan Yangluo Development Zone, central China is the largest steel structure manufacturing base - China Yiye steel center built and put into operation.

The total investment of 100000000 yuan, an area of 260000 square meters, the annual production capacity of 60000 tons of steel structure, is expected to achieve annual sales income of 360000000 yuan. According to the introduction, steel structure building due to its light weight, easy installation, short construction period, good seismic performance, can be recycled and other advantages, in Europe and the United States and other developed regions, the adoption rate of 30% to 40%, while China's construction steel only accounts for 1% of the entire steel production, steel structure market potential.

Yiye steel center has the domestic advanced all kinds of steel structure production equipment over 200 Taiwan (sets), production of steel, light steel and top box beam steel structure. Put into operation, the center has been to take the two cold-rolled steel, South Korea Pohang fire engineering and other key projects of steel structure production orders.

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